Jobs are tough to come by.  Everyone at some point is probably going to have to go through the dreaded interview process, and many still to this day have no clue what to say and what not to.   I know you've seen these articles before, but it's still good to remember.I saw this at the ever popular    I'll try to capsulize for you.  

1.  Ask good questions, like "What are the big issues in your company that I should concentrate on if you were to hire me?"

2. Tell them that you are very flexible.  Don't tell them "I can't work Saturdays or Wednesday nites or on any holiday.

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3. Learn the company "lingo".  Go on the website. Learn their key phrases to make you look smart

4. Never say "I have no clue" when asked a question that you are not sure of the answer to..  Always respond with "that's a good question"  (but you better have SOME answers though!  LOL)

5. Tell them why you want the job (not because you need the money, but because it fits into your values and you could learn a lot from it ….that kind of thing)

Thanks,  I hope this helps you!  Good luck with your search!