Okay, Schenectady – what would you like to hear first? The good news or the bad news?  Bad news?  OK.. here we go....

Screen Shot Schenectady High
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Bad news - your taxes are going up 2.75% according to an article in the TimesUnion.com. The city school board approved a $165 million dollar budget, so that's how they are paying for it, of course  (This has to be ratified by the voters first, however)

Good news - school athletic programs along with art and music will not be affected!

Why?  Because students in the city spoke up and rallied together to save the programs involved. NICE WORK.  You can read more here:  TimesUnion.com.

I just hope that someday we won't have to rely on property taxes to fund schools.  I complain just as much as the next person about our tax bill, but alternative is there if we want to preserve the quality of education??


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