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Vacation With Sean
I hate winter, if you have been listening to me on the radio over the last 18 years, you probably are well aware of that. I think what I have always hated the most was how it just gets so bad from January sometimes all the way into April with no end in sight. So some years back I found the key to ha…
Chesney In Albany
Nope.  Hate to complain, but I didn't see much at all to be honest.  I stand corrected.  I did get to see him do my favorite song of his ("No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem"), but there were some folks in the audience who gave us a BIG problem, which I will explain…
Zac Brown At SPAC – What A Show
I'm still trying to adjust my eardrums, but we had a blast at the Zac Brown Show.  I was just bummed out that I didn't have my decent pocket camera with me, but I did snap a few with the trusty cellphone
Randy Houser – High Octane Country [VIDEO]
Randy Houser has been writing great songs for years. He teamed up with Jamey Johnson for the #1 hit from Trace Adkins "Honkytonkbadonkadonk". He's now a full blown artist and writer and on the verge of busting into the big time and you'll see why when he takes the stage a…

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