I was there at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado, 10 miles west of Denver not long ago. I didn't see Florida Georgia line, but I did go there on vacation.  Would you like to see what it looks like?  (I can hear you now--"Oh God- Richie's whipping out his vacation photos")

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I won't bore you with too many shots, but I wanted to show you what this GORGEOUS amphitheater looks like.  It's an extremely famous place.  Elvis and The Beatles even played there once!   So many country artists have graced this stage as well.  They have a really cool museum where you can see photos of the aforementioned stars. It's thrilling, but it pales in comparison to the view when you walk into this amphitheater.

photo by Richie Phillips
photo by Richie

This hardly does it justice.  I wish we could post 3D pictures!  It gives you an idea however.

photo by Richie Phillips

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