Randy Houser has been writing great songs for years. He teamed up with Jamey Johnson for the #1 hit from Trace Adkins "Honkytonkbadonkadonk". He's now a full blown artist and writer and on the verge of busting into the big time and you'll see why when he takes the stage at WGNA Countryfest 2011.

Randy played the WGNA Rising Stars Concert Series at the GE Theater in Proctors and put on a phenomenal show for a packed room that night a few years ago. When you hear his song "Whistlin Dixie" on the Countryfest stage, you'll know you're at the biggest party in the Capital Region.

It all started for Randy Houser as a singer with his debut top 10 hit "Anything Goes" and he showcases the full scale of his pure voice on this heart wrenching hit.

Recently Randy Houser's tour bus caught on fire, and his Facebook page exploded with people asking if he was ok. Randy said everyone got out ok, but that he thought he lost his boots in the fire.

After time passed and the fire was brough under control Randy got back on the bus and checked and was happy to report on his Facebook page that his boots made it through the fire! How much does Randy Houser love his boots? He loves them enough to have written another hit about them with "Boots On".

Randy will join Countryfest 2011 Superstar headliner Miranda Lambert with Country 107.7, WGNA-FM on Saturday night at the Altamont Fairgrounds. All the details on the show can be found here. We'll see you there with our "boots on" too.