Nope.  Hate to complain, but I didn't see much at all to be honest.  I stand corrected.  I did get to see him do my favorite song of his ("No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem"), but there were some folks in the audience who gave us a BIG problem, which I will explain musically

Kenny Chesney came to the Times Union Center in Albany, and even he admitted that he hasn't been here in almost 5 years.  Too long, Kenny. Too long.  The crowd was packed for this performance.  He was on the bill with the Eli Young band and a new personal favorite of mine Kacey Musgraves.  They all did a fantastic job, but it was Kenny that we specifically came to see.  Here's just about the only song we saw him do

Why?  Because there were some people in the row in front of us that blocked our view for almost the entire remainder of the show!

Now don't give me that baloney that "it's because you are older and getting cranky, Richie".   That's not it, and age should have nothing to do with it.  I don't care if you are in your 50's,  30's or in 7th grade, when you pay good money for a ticket, you deserve the same rights to see who you came to see as anyone else.

I can understand you showing your enthusiasm by standing up  for a couple of songs here and there,  but I truly believe that people who want to stand throughout  should have a designated section all of their own.  Charge them less and let them stand and scream and rant and rage and take cellphone shots all they want to.

Our complimentary tickets (that I was extremely grateful for) had a price of $90.00 printed on them.  I really felt for the people next to us who had to cough up that amount to not see a damn thing.   It actually prompted me to write a musical response to these folks this morning.  Here is the audio

mp3 version

So there you go.  I at least had the chance to "vent" on the air.  What's your point of view on this?  Am I being too picky or are they being too insensitive and selfish (and of course, they aren't the only ones here) .  I saw many, many more people doing the same thing

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photo by Richie Phillips


photo by Richie Phillips