I'm still trying to adjust my eardrums, but we had a blast at the Zac Brown Show.  I was just bummed out that I didn't have my decent pocket camera with me, but I did snap a few with the trusty cellphone

Zac at SPAC.  Pretty amazing.  A total sellout.  I hope that word will spread around town for those who still to this day believe that country music isn't for the masses - just for rednecks.  I saw every age group and every walk of life imaginable (and some who could barely walk , but I won't go there).

We were extremely lucky to have amazing seats, and I have to thank our Operations Manager Jake Thomas for  that.

You know the curse of only having a cellphone camera.  They take great shots, but no zoom.  However we had such great seats that you can still make him out in this shot.

A little bit closer of a shot, but he's a little bit washed out.  Sorry, folks.

A little bit of a backstory for you.  A guy caused a bit of a commotion during one of the opening acts.  A bearded gentleman wearing a knit cap walked into the audience and plopped himself down.  He proceeded to look straight down into his lap and begin what appeared to be text messaging.

People started to gather around the guy galking at him.  Was it Zac or were we all getting "punked"? I finally walked straight up to his seat and grabbed a quick picture (I really can't post it here without permission, but I wish I could).

I showed it to Dorrie and a nice couple in front of us.  They both said that there was no way that Zac Brown would be wearing a basic knit cap that you would get at a Walmart, so we all started snickering, but I have to give him credit for the pretty dead on impersonation.


I will end by saying that I'm always humbled by how lucky we are to be able to get tickets to shows.  I don't  take that privilege for granted and never will.  Some have to work their butts off to win contests to achieve the same goal - like our "Show Us Your 'GNA Pride" contest where you have to dress up your vehicle.

Like these folks who went above and beyond the call of duty - even trying to grab shots of us off of the website to "dress up their ride" even more.  They had a bit of a problem though --

They couldn't find a good picture of Sean.  That didn't go over well with ...you know who...  (Hey, you can't blame him, but we all-or most of us- got a good chuckle out of it .)

Thanks to everyone who came out for the show.  I'm sure sales of Motrin are way up in the Capital Region this morning, but it was well worth it.

What was your favorite part of the show?  Let me know in the comment section