Imagine: the woman behind you in the theatre is talking, there's an infant three rows below you that won't stop crying, and your friend next to you is using their phone. Hate it? I may have the perfect theater for you.

Cosmic Cinemas in Hudson, NY is a three-screen theater that will open on May 18th in Fairview Plaza but it's a little different from the other theaters you're used to. Cosmic Cinemas won't allow you to bring your infant child, phone, or let you talk.

Albany Business Journal is reporting that this theater won't have a snack bar but rather a bar/restaurant with fresh, made-to-order appetizers, before and during the showing of first-run films. The CEO, Terrell Braly, said: "We want to provide the very best in an exceptional dinner and movie experience without the distractions.”

Children under 17 can attend but only with a parent or guardian. They're also hoping for celebrity appearances, premieres, and other themed festivals. I don't necessarily hate this idea but how will they enforce it? Sure, don't allow babies, I get that. Are they going to take my phone? How strict is "no talking?" Can I say "excuse me?" I'm curious to find out.

UPDATE: According to Lights Camera Jackson, our resident movie critic, this theatre has Albany mentioned in their future locations. The exact location is unknown but it does say that it will be "COMING - SUMMER 2018."

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