Can you believe it? It is already September! To some, it's all about the chilly weather, the Pumpkin Spice and the changing of the leaves! To me, it's all about apple picking! That is the one thing I always look forward to as summer is winding down.
As a kid, my parents always took us apple picking. Every September, we would get into the car on a Sunday and head to one of the area's local orchard farms. We would park the car in one of the aisles of trees, grab a bag and find the best tree to climb because the best apples were always on the top,(that's what we use to tell our parents). We would spend at least an hour or two picking apples, wondering the aisles and enjoying the fall day. I knew besides having plenty of apples to add to my lunch at school there would be homemade applesauce, apple crumble and of course apple pie.
It was always a fall tradition that I now do with my kids. I love seeing how excited they get when I say let's go apple picking, to watch them run down the aisle to find the perfect tree to climb and to know I am passing down a fall tradition.
According to the Harvest Calendar, apple season is from September 1st to October 25th. Here is a link to the orchards in the Upstate area
Get the kids, grab some bags and enjoy apple picking season!

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