The other day I bought those gnarly fake teeth, a.k.a 'bubba' teeth, you see in the costume store. I figured it would be fun to wear them while acting silly and joking around with my 3-year-old Brody. I thought it was funny - I'm smiling just thinking about it - but he hated it.  My mom and dad used to do this stuff all the time when we were young, but I don't think I'll be using them again!

When my 3-year-old son Brody was born, my family and I started calling him 'Little Bubba' or sometimes just 'Bubba' for short.  A few months ago, I just randomly started calling him 'Chubba Bubba' and he always laughs and says 'No daddy, I'm Bwody!' with his cute little 'r' that sounds like a 'w'.  But he loves the nickname.

Then I created a song one morning and it stuck.  It's sung to the 'Brady Bunch' jingle and goes like this:

Here's a story...of a Chubba Bubba.

Who was Chubba Bubba Bubba Buh-Buh-Bubbbbbs.

He was Chubba...and he was Bubba,

And he was Bubba Chubbs!

And he loooves it. He sings it back to me and we even recorded a version together on a little device.

Fast-forward to a little over a week ago when I saw those gnarly teeth and I was like, I gotta have those for the song! Well, I can tell you he pretty much hates those teeth and I've worn them around the house a few times and he won't even look at me when they're in.  And then he's over it and we go back to watching dinosaur movies.

I thought his mood would change a little when I took Brody apple picking last weekend with my girlfriend Samantha and my sister and her family.  It didn't. I sang the song to him with the bubba teeth for added flair. Nope...not funny.  He hated it.

I'm smiling just thinking about it and I thought I would share the cute video with you, because as of today, the gnarly teeth are officially retired.


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