The stars are out in the Trailer Park this week. Sylvester Stallone fights "Conan" in his new movie, Al Pacino is back in crime dramas and Zombies fall in love. WOW! Crazy week. Let's hit the Park.

First stop Stallone(66) has the build of a guy half his age and in his new movie he fights that man. Jason Momoa(33) from the new "Conan" movie and Stallone face off as a pair of hit men trying to kill each other. Check out the trailer for "Bullet To The Head".



"Stand Up Guys" is a crime drama starring Al Pacino and Christopher Walken. Two of the best actors out there share the screen as emotions run high between old friends reunited after 60 years. This isn't just a fresh out of jail story, one or both of friends may not survive the reunion.



Not sure how I feel about our last stop this week. "Warm Bodies" is a zombie love story. Basically the lead zombie eats a guy sees this guys girlfriend and his heart beats. An awkward love affair follows.




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