If I'm being totally honest, things got off to a bit of a slow start today.  Much like a car in the dead of winter we had to hit the ignition on the monologue a few times before it actually rumbled into life. I think once we got it going though there were a couple of laughs to be had. Let's see what we made fun of today on the "Sean and Richie Show".

  • Osama's journal was found in the raid in Pakistan.
  • Donald Trumps popularity is fading.
  • The average person breaks the law 21 times a year.
  • Al Pacino will star in a new movie about John Gotti.
  • Lindsay Lohan is almost off house arrest.
  • Denice Richards wont let Charlie Sheen see his kids.
  • Oprah is honored by the city of Chicago.

If any or all of these tid bits excite you , it may be time to listen to the morning show monologue.  GO ahead just press play.

God Bless.

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