A tip to authorities led to an investigation at a Town Of Saratoga dairy farm because of a suspected meth lab operating at the farm.


After authorities thought that they had enough evidence, a search warrant for the farm was issued and executed. On Saturday morning, the suspected meth lab was shut down in a raid, and two men were arrested.

Extra precautions were taken by The Saratoga County Sheriff’s Department. They contacted two other law enforcement agencies that have more experience and training with this kind of a situation - The Drug Enforcement Agency and The New York State Police.

The two men that were arrested for allegedly running the suspected meth lab were Robert Russell from Middle Grove, and Joseph McFall of Victory Mills. They were both charged with third degree Unlawful Manufacture Of Methamphetamine, and are going to be back in Saratoga Town Court, soon. There’s no word on whether the owner of the farm had anything to do with the suspected meth lab.

According to the story from News 10 ABC, one of the neighbors of the farm were surprised when they saw the raid take place. One of the suspects mother commented about how “their boss knows that there was nothing going on”.