Sunny Sweeney is a very talented young lady and records her music on Republic Nashville Records. Her first national debut was the smash hit "From A Table Away".

Sunny is one of the many performers you will see  live on Saturday, July 9th at WGNA Countryfest 2011 with Superstar headliner Miranda Lambert. Ticket info, online purchase, and all the info you can handle on our huge show is right here.

Sunny is going to have a second hit just in time for the show. She writes her own music, and it all comes from the heart which is why men and women alike just feel so close to her songs. She has lived life and a lot of her music has to do with learning from past mistakes in relationships.

The new song is titled "Staying Is Worse Than Leaving", and if you've been in a dead end relationship personally you will really connect with it.