There is plenty of competition out there between fast food places, sub shops, and grocery stores that serve sandwiches. In an effort to re-brand and stay afloat, Subway will close hundreds of stores. Last year, Subway closed eight hundred of its sandwich shops across the country. Now in a restructuring effort, they will close an additional five hundred. According to Nation-World, Subway will now focus on boosting their sales and finding better locations for their restaurants. They are also looking to expand overseas.

Subway's re-branding involved launching a new line of wraps and a loyalty program. They have also started their new "Make It What You Want" campaign. Subway redesigned their stores too which now includes new colors that are inspired by fresh veggies.

There is no word which five hundred Subway locations will be closing but they are all owned by franchisees and the individual owners have not been notified yet either.

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