Finally, country music has it's own unique participation dance song a la the likes of the "Cha-Cha Slide", "Electric Slide", and dare I say "The Macarena".   It's called "The Git Up" by Blanco Brown and you may have seen or heard about it recently and it's busting at the seems about to be the next BIG thing.  The cool part is, it's pretty easy to learn - celebrities and music fans alike are doing it like crazy - and the song is ridiculously catchy!

Brian and Chrissy want you to send us a :60 to :90  video of you doing the #TheGitUpChallenge and we may use pieces of your dance in a "GNA Git Up Dance Video" that we're putting together featuring famous country stars, local celebrities, and of course you!  So grab your friends, family, parents, pets...anyone you can think of and have some fun.  Share this with local law enforcement, firefighters, EMT's and anyone else who think might look good doing "The Git Up" dance in our video.  Watch the video below to learn the song and the moves, and thanks for being a part of it from all of us here at GNA!