As the New York reopening process continues, there is still one big question that has yet to be answered.

Will the 2020-2021 school year start on time? According to a News 10 story, Governor Cuomo says the start of the new school year is "...not a sure thing." Earlier this year the governor tasked local school districts with developing reopening plans to be approved by the state, which is still an ongoing process.

This question is certainly top of my mind for any parents who spent the last few months  homeschooling their kids. If schools do not reopen in the fall, the next big question, if you are a parent, is how will you cope? I think any parent who also played the role of teacher this Spring most definitely has a much higher respect for teachers.

But as a parent homeschooling, there is no break in the day when you shift from the role of teacher to parent. Playing that dual role can be super stressful, which I witnessed firsthand in our home. God bless my wife who was homeschooling our kids, then shifting to the role of mom after school. When I would get home from work each night, she would be fried from a non-stop crazy day. It is a challenge many parents are facing, and one that only schools reopening may be able to solve.

My wife and I are closely watching this one play out as we hope schools reopening will be the solution to bringing a little bit of normalcy back to the daily routine in our household.

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