This is awesome. I know the first question that many of you are thinking of is where do I get 2 dozen turkey wings?Just head to the grocery store, they sell them in fresh packages as you can see in the picture above. If you want some super high quality turkey wings you can always call a local butcher shop that sells fresh turkeys and just ask them if you can order 2 dozen . Then on Thanksgiving Day if you have a deep fryer pop them in fresh and fully defrosted and get them nice and crispy. Then get your sauce ready. Frank's Red Hot makes a really good buffalo wing sauce in the bottle and if you add a little bit of garlic powder and some curry, just 2 pinches along with about 2 teaspoons of coarse black pepper you will have a nice medium to hot sauce that will make those turkey wings come alive.Two dozen turkey wings can feed about 8 people because they are so big, eating 3 of them is like eating a dozen chicken wings.

Just put the sauce in a big Ziplock bag and toss about three wings in at a time, seal it and shake it for about 10 seconds to coat them good. Your Thanksgiving football will be better than ever. Make sure there is cold beer close by as well. LOL!