I love chicken wings.  It's probably my go-to comfort food when I'm having a rough day and it's 100% my go-to when I'm watching an exciting sporting event.  Never in my wildest dreams would I ever consider swapping out chicken for *gasp* cauliflower, but these crispy little bad boys look awesome.  I'm even contemplating making em on Super Bowl Sunday

I don't know even know how I came across Delish.com. Perhaps I'm turning into some sort of a Pinterest dad. Ever since I contemplated making my son a costume for Halloween (which I didn't, btw) my whole world has been flipped upside-down.   Either way, I'm a wing guy.  My mouth waters at the notion of fresh, crispy, tavern style wings serves with extra bleu cheese dressing and a few dozen napkins.

For my Super Bowl party, I've actually considered making these although I do fear some sort of backlash and weird looks from my friends.  As a result,  I will have plenty of 'regular' chicken wings on hand as well because the last thing I need is for my guests to turn on me.

Who knows.  They may be a hit.  They sure do look damn good.

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