I was taken aback recently when I checked out the upcoming schedule at a very famous theatre we have here in the Capital Region.  O heck, I'll mention them, because I love the place.  It's Proctors Theatre in Schenectady. A legendary, iconic theatre to be sure.  (George Burns played there, for God sakes!)Anyway, I was looking thru their 2012 schedule of events, and I could hardly believe what I was reading.  They have great stuff coming, like Jersey Boys, Rock of Ages, The Adams Family etc.

Larry King Comedy Central Roast Of Donald Trump

But then they have - are you ready? - Larry King doing standup! What?  I've never seen him stand up!  (rimshot).  But seriously, I had to scratch my head on that one.  Although as a huge former  Larry King Live Show watcher, I do remember him getting the biggest kick out of having comics on his show.  Maybe he's a frustrated comedian!  Will I go to see him?  YES

Super Nanny 2005 Television Critics Winter Press Tour

Then I noticed that they're going to have THE SUPERNANNY, Jo Frost live on stage.  What's she gonna do, scream at kids in the audience?  What can she possibly do for 90 minutes?   I guess give advice and tell bizarre stories from old shows.  Will I go? I'll pass on that one, but if I still had young kids, why not? And finally, Shirley MacLaine.  Now here's someone who's been out of the public eye for a very long time, and when she is, she's talking about very weird, supernatural, bizarro stuff.  However it says in the Proctors description that they'll be "montages of film moments and private revelations", so that could be very cool for movie buffs.  Will I go?  I'm a terrible movie goer, probably wouldn't recognize half of the films, but I still say it could be good for the right audience.

hirley Maclaine 38th AFI Life Achievement Award

I guess my whole point of this blog is to say "don't criticize it  until you've seen it", because any of these could just turn out to be a really interesting evening.  But I have to say I'm always amazed at what TV and movie stars do on their off days.  You wouldn't expect it, would you?

Who have you seen in concert that was surprisingly good?  Would love to know !

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