It's time, my inner geek can't wait for this weekend and Lights Camera Jackson is gonna tell us if this Star Wars is on par with the others and more.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is the second in this trilogy (movie 8 in the Star Wars universe timeline) and continues to follow Rey in her journey to discover herself and her abilities. We last left Rey on the top of a mountain after finding the lost jedi Luke Skywalker. Is Luke the last jedi? Is Rey? Hopefully this movie will finally answer that question.

The other movie coming out this weekend is an animated film called Ferdinand. Ferdinand is a bull who escapes from a training camp for fighting after his father never returns. He ends up on a farm with a little girl until authorities find out where he's been hiding. With the help of some animal friends, he tries to escape back to what makes him happy.

Also, if you didn't hear, Disney and 21st Century Fox have merged and that could mean changes to some of your favorite movies and TV shows, like Deadpool for example. Jackson explains it all to us. To can see all of his reviews at

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