Many of us in the Capital Region turned on American Idol at 8pm hoping for an exciting and proud night for our area.  Shortly after 8pm, reality set in on one of America's most popular reality shows.  21-year-old Julia Gargano, the Staten Island native and St. Rose singer/songwriter was the casualty of the first wave of Idol chops that sent her and one other  contestant home early, leaving 5 to compete for the crown.

American Idol cheat sites had predicted all week long that the talented St. Rose senior (set to graduate in September because of New York's pause) was more than likely going to be eliminated relatively early into the evening.  While judges sang her praises all season long, ultimately the fate of the competition lied in the hands of the voters, and they thought somewhat differently than the likes of Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie.

Last Sunday evening was an up and down night for Gargano who was judged by voters based upon two very different performances.  Her first song of the night was the title track to "Beauty and the Beast" which even by the singer's own admission, wasn't her best song choice.

She would rally though, and her second performance of the night was much better received but judges and fans alike.

Singing to her mom on Mother's Day, Gargano soared and saw her comfort level rise as she performed an Adele song "The Sweetest Devotion."  It was a tremendous comeback for the sultry singer but unfortunately, it may have been too little too late as her fate was now in the hands of viewers who casted decidedly less votes her than the others in the competition.

All in all, it was a tremendous run for Gargano who over the last few months has been a regular on the GNA Morning Show with Brian and Chrissy.  She was open and honest with them about how while she'd be disappointed in not winning the show, but expressed how the experience gained has been invaluable.  She'll once again join Brian and Chrissy on the show Monday morning to discuss Sunday night.

With our without an Idol crown, this talented singer/songwriter got quite a launching pad for success.

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