Our six year old, Ryan, loves to play at the sports complexes in the Capital Region. He plays soccer and indoor flag football. Soon another complex will be built near the Albany Airport offering more places to play. Afrim Nezaj, the owner of Afrim's Sports is ready to expand and build near the Albany Airport. Afrim's already has three facilities. There is a building with four small indoor turf fields and a fitness center off Wold Road, a dome over a half-size field in Glenmont, and a dome over a full-size field in Latham. The new one will be the biggest.

After four years of planning and tax deductions, the owner is able to start the project. It will be located off Watervliet-Shaker Road near the airport. It will house five full size artificial turf fields, four outdoor and one under a dome.

Afrim said that groundbreaking will begin in early 2018 and he is hoping it will be complete by next November 1st.

It will be nice to have another indoor and outdoor sports complex in the Capital Region. So many kids and adults enjoy staying active during all seasons.

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