As many of you know my youngest son, Caden was born this past October.  It was great for many reasons, not the least of which, it was football season.  And on his first full day of life, he got to wear his Eagles garb and watch the game with his Dad.  It was special , I believe for both of us.  I think it was a Monday night game as well and great for me because no one else was playing so there was nothing to get in the way of our special Dad/Son/Eagle bonding session.  Oh the tears of joy!!

Then there is his Mother.

I love that my wife is a sports fan.  Not a casual sports fan but a die hard fan of sports in general and dedicated like me , to her favorite teams.  There are some wives that will sit down and watch a football game with their husbands and even cheer on a team with a decent knowledge of the game that is happening in front of them.  Then there are women who will do the same even if your not there to do it with them.  She is that woman.  I say all this because I need to drive the point home that I cant just say, "hey you don't even really care about sports so I win this argument."

You see, while I am an Eagle fan,  my wife is a Patriots fan.  But really this kind of works out because they rarely play at the same time, they are not rivals, they do not play in the same division, heck they are not even in the same conference.  So really if my boy puts on a Patriots shirt on during their game, I'm not gonna get too crazy.  After all, its not like its the Cowboys.

Here is the problem my friends.  I am a Yankee fan. While I have not been a true baseball fan since the last strike they are still my team.  The Yankees were the first franchise I ever followed and the first sports team to ever be represented on my head or body.  In fact when I was a kid I had a Yankee hat that I believe literally disintegrated from my head as it was never taken off.  Point is and you Yankee fans know of what I speak, Once a Yankee fan, always a Yankee fan.  And I believe Caden will be a Yankee fan.

Then there is his Mother.

Today, this was posted on Facebook, with a caption that said "Caden on opening day!"  I wont need to write anymore after this , I think the picture says it all.

OH the tears of pain!!

God Bless