I've lived in Waterford almost my entire life. I have Waterfordian pride and even more so today after seeing this amazing story.

Typically I wouldn't be writing a post about something that happened in South Korea but it involves a Soldier from the 339th Quartermaster Company and his name is SSG Victor Gomoimunn of the 3rd Platoon and who is originally from Waterford, NY.

He and his family are currently stationed at the United States Army Garrison-Humphreys base in Anjeong-ri and Pyeongtaek areas of South Korea. They were on their normal, weekly grocery run on February 5th when Gomoimunn noticed the smoke billowing from an apartment building. At that same time Sun Yong Helmer smelled the smoke and called for the fire department, but instead of finding them at her door, she found Gomoimunn hanging from her apartment window on the third floor to help.

That's right, the Sergeant scaled the building and got Helmer and her baby out to safety!

How did Gomoimunn's wife react to his quick to respond actions? She had mixed feelings at first according to an article from korea.stripes.com:

“She wasn’t sure if she was angry at me or proud of me,” Gomoimunn said with a laugh. “After about 45 minutes of debate, she called me a hero.”

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