This one may be one of my all time favorite Saturday Night Live opening sequences. It's funny it almost seems like they worked so hard getting this parody of the Democratic debate right that they didn't have time to write the rest of the show as that indeed left a lot to be desired. I really think they nailed the feel and flow of the actual debate and of course the idiosyncrasies of the candidates, the best part however was "Bernie Sanders".

This was one of those situations where when you see who they got to play Senetor Sanders you thought "OMG why did I not see that myself, he's perfect!" Of course I'm talking about Seinfeld co-creator Larry David. I really hope we have a lot more of him playing Sanders throughout the season it may be reason enough to stay up late Saturday to watch.

Another surprise performer is Alec Baldwin who was also there to welcome back Tracey Morgan who guest hosted this weekend.

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