America's Best Restaurants will feature a local restaurant

America's Best Restaurants, a popular traveling roadshow of wonderful eats, will be making a stop in Upstate NY to tell the story of another great restaurant that offers mouthwatering food and excellent customer service.

"Are you as excited as we are? We are only two days from our filming with America’s Best Restaurants! We can’t wait to share our story on-camera and highlight our best menu items." Lily's Cafe, Facebook


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Lily's Cafe in Glenville

Ever been to Lily's Cafe?

According to the Facebook page of Lily's Cafe in Glenville, the crew from America's Best Restaurants will be on location Tuesday, August 29th to be featured in an upcoming episode that airs exclusively on their YouTube channel.

Lily's Cafe, located at 181 Freeman’s Bridge Rd, Glenville, is Lily’s Cafe is a small family owned and operated restaurant named after their beloved pug-beagle mix. They opened back in October of 2021. Previously it was known as Oliver’s Cafe, which existed in the same building for over 80 years.

In a few short years, Lilly's has become known for their delightful breakfast menu, flavor-filled sandwiches, daily-made soups, and delicious homemade desserts.

The success of the show

The mission of the Roadshow is to "highlight local, independent restaurants with a story to tell."

Restaurant owners who are selected see a dramatic increase from the notoriety and positive press, and ultimately, the TV show is a boost for the restaurant's bottom line.

Check out to learn more and to view the episodes and profiles of hundreds of America’s Best Restaurants - and keep an eye out for the episode that features Lily's!


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