Siri.  You know her - you love her, and more importantly you try hard to get her to say things correctly.  That's tough enough to do.  Can you imagine getting her to sing a country song? 

Siri is truly an amazing invention on the part of the fun folks at Apple.  In fact, they are working hard on technology that will have siri transcribe your voice messages into text so you can just read them.  That's on the horizon, but don't know when that will be available. (Hopefully soon, because their stock has taken a dump lately)

You can

Well, if we can teach her to do that, can we school her on the finer points of singing country songs?  Actually, this might be an exclusive.  On today's program she did just that.

Repeating what the lovely lady said - send your requests for the next song she can destroy to  (earplugs available upon request)


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