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My Top 5 Country Tracks of the Moment [VIDEO]
Being new to GNA and new to country, as a whole, it should make complete sense that everything I'm hearing, I'm hearing for the first time. As a music junkie of sorts, I'm like a kid in a candy store! My family is very music
Top 5 Cowboy Songs –Scott’s Favorites [VIDEOS]
Saturday, July 28th is the National Day Of The Cowboy.  This was started by American Cowboy magazine in 2004 to "preserve, protect and promote cowboys and Western heritage and lobby for the passage of a national resolution designating the fourth Saturday of every July a permanent celebration on…
Country Music And Tequila Are A Good Mix [VIDEOS]
I am a guy who enjoys to go out and have a few drinks with friends from time to time.  There are some drinks though that some of us need to stay away from. I was talking to friend earlier today who went out last night and decided to have a "few" shots of tequila and said they were paying f…