This controversy is far from new but thanks to the Oneida Indians it has come to the forefront once again. The owners of the NFL teams are having their annual fall meeting in Washington, D.C. and one of the Oneida Indians leaders, Ray Halbritter is also there to protest the name, "Redskins."

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Halbrritter said, "Washington's team name is a painful epitaph that was used against my people, Indian people, when we were held at gunpoint and thrown off our lands," They are committed to getting the team's owner, Dan Snyder, to reconsider his stand on the possible name change, in the past he has stated that they would NEVER change the name.

There are plenty of other major league sports teams with "Indian" related nicknames, like the Atlanta Braves and the Cleveland Indians but I believe with these teams one could argue it is out of respect for the character and strengths of the American Indian that these nicknames were chosen.

The representatives of the Oneida nation however feel that the term "Redskin" in itself was a derogatory term used against the Indians and is deemed offensive by definition in any dictionary. Even President Obama after being asked by a reporter said if it were him that owned the team he would consider a name change.

What do you think? Would everyone be OK with a team named the "Blackskins" or the "Yellowskins?"

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