I'm a big supporter of local beers and I've been to the Shmaltz tasting room a ton of times. When I heard the news that they were selling, I had to think I misunderstood what was happening, I didn't.

In the headlines late last week was that Shmaltz Brewing sold their company to a Queens-based company called SingleCut Beersmiths, according to New York Upstate. I assumed that just meant that they sold up some production space and we'd see some SingleCut showing up in the taps but that's not all of it.

SingleCut has purchased the entire tasting room in Clifton Park, including equipment and "other physical assets." The Shmaltz brand, including the Star Trek-themed brews they're becoming known for, were not purchased. What that means is that the tasting room you're familiar with will soon be known as "SingleCut North" to produce high volumes of their already popular brews.

Shmaltz as a company will still exist but they will instead go back to their roots at the end of 2018 by continuing production by contract with other brewers. They're hoping it means more collaborations and more limited release beers. They are also still continuing with opening their Monument Square, Troy location expected some time in June.

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