Our hearts are with the family, friends, as well as the entire North Colonie School District as the search continues following the mysterious disappearance of Meghan Marohn.

Also, thank you to New York and MA law enforcement who continue to sniff out every lead - at times risking their own safety - in their search throughout the rugged terrain of the Berkshires searching for Meghan Marohn.

It's been over two weeks since anyone has had contact (that we know of) with Shaker teacher Meghan Marohn and while more information continues to trickle in, it still remains a mystery to many how a 42-year-old woman could simply vanish in the Berkshires.

Marohn's brother, Peter, the last known person to have contact with the missing North Colonie teacher, created the website FindMeghanMarohn.com serving as a source for the latest news and discussions about her search.

It's been two weeks since Marohn went missing and here's what we know so far according to the Berkshire Eagle, in a timeline of events.

  • On Saturday, March 26, 10th-grade English teacher Meghan Marohn drove from her hometown of Latham to Stockbridge, MA.
  • Marohn, a poet, who also enjoys nature and hikes, checked into the Red Lion Motel upon arrival.
  • Sources say she may have been upset about some personal things but that it wasn’t unlike her to take spontaneous trips alone.
  • The last time anyone heard from Meghan was later that evening on the 26th when she called her brother, Peter.  According to sources, she told him she was reading a book and enjoying a bowl of soup in her room.
  • She was reported missing 3 days later on March 29th.
  • Meghan’s black 2017 Subaru Impreza was found abandoned on Church Street in the parking lot of Janet Longcope, a 46-acre park in South Lee
  •  Witnesses told the police that her parked car had been there for two days.
  • Meghan’s phone last pinged on Sunday, March 27th at approximately 3 pm.
  • Authorities determined that she did not get on the hiking trail where they found her car.
  • In a strange twist, according to Berkshire Eagle, Meghan crossed the street and walked in the opposite direction toward a rural residential area where the signal eventually cut off.
  • It's been confirmed that the Albany County Sheriff's have joined the search.  On Monday they helped MA police navigate some really difficult terrain near where they found Marohn's parked car. The search, according to Sheriff Craig Apple who spoke with the GNA Morning Show on Tuesday, said the search, unfortunately, turned up very little.
  • If you have seen Meghan, call 911 immediately.



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