In a letter from Superintendent D. Joseph Corr on Dec. 20, the North Colonie School District received the results of state-mandated water testing that was performed at the district's only public high school, Shaker High School.

The water quality testing was performed because of legislation signed by Gov. Cuomo on Sept. 6 requiring all New York State public schools to test all sources of potable water for lead contamination.

The State Department of Health and State Education Department have established an action level threshold of 15 parts per billion (PPB).

Water sources that test higher must be immediately taken out of service and corrective action must be taken.

70 of 341 locations tested above the allowable 15 parts per billion.

The sources of water not up to the states standards have been taken out of service and the school district says they:

"...will continue to take the necessary steps to ensure the quality of drinking water throughout our district meets the state regulations. We will keep you informed as we continue to receive the results of the ongoing water testing at our schools."

Click here to read the letter from Dr Corr and to find out what will be done about the 70 unsafe locations at the school.

Larry W. Smith, Getty Images

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