Send your teddy bear on vacation?!

Unagi Travel is offering a trip to Japan, round trip airfare, a sight-seeing tour PLUS photos, a DVD copy of your trip and a postcard mid-trip, all for just $35-$55 per teddy bear!

At first glance, I chuckled a little reading through this.  Someone is making millions on sending a stuffed animal on vacation? Then I thought, it’s kind of a cute idea!

Here’s why I MIGHT do it: KIDS! How exciting would it be to talk to your 5-year-old about sending his favorite teddy bear to Japan…and get a postcard from him in the mail, see his/her picture on Facebook? It’s kinda cute, right?

Maybe an elementary Social Studies teacher can organize a class trip for all of the kids' teddy bears? Maybe I am going a little crazy here.

For fun, I clicked on the Tokyo package from Unagi Travel's website, here are the details:

Description: This tour takes you on five major sightseeing stops in Tokyo: the fashion mecca of Japanese teens, Shibuya, then historic Asakusa and a beautiful view of Tokyo from the Tokyo Tower.

Tour Schedule: The tour will be held in late November/early December. We will send back the stuffed animal friend in early/mid December .

Deadline: Please make sure to have your stuffed animal friend arrive in Tokyo, Japan by Nov. 27

Check out Ginnie arriving from Florida with the caption, "Ginnie, you're from Florida? You must feel cold here in Tokyo. Here, you can wear my jacket, says She She."

Unagi Travel FaceBook

I don’t know that I can actually DO this, but I do know I am becoming a little obsessed looking at the stuffed animals on their Facebook page. Already they are telling stories of these guys meeting each other, talking about where they are from. It’s just kinda cute.

What are your thoughts? Would you send your favorite teddy bear on the trip of a lifetime?