I have such great memories from my childhood and I love thinking back to the great things I experienced when I was little. It's easier for Brett Young to be comforted by his childhood, though, since he always has a piece of it childhood around.

Brett Young was recently interviewed by Taste of Country and said that he still keeps his blankie around from when he was a kid. Young, who is 36 years old, admitted that Mr. Blankie can still be found on his bed now and he still cuddles it when he's looking for comfort.

I never had one blankie or one stuffed animal that I was attached to throughout my whole childhood. I had a medium-sized Barbie cat I carried around for a year or so that I lost in Disney World when I was a kid, leaving it on a ride. I was crushed. My Mom eventually replaced it with a stuffed animal cat named Dutchess from the Disney movie "The Aristocats." Later on, I found myself attached to this snow panther I called Snowy. Snowy is still in my room to this day, the white fur is a little dirtier and it's not as fuzzy as I remember but that's the animal that stuck around the longest and I still have him. I'd love to think that when I have kids, I'll clean him up a bit and pass him on. Do you still have a blankie or stuffed animal around from your childhood?

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