Even if you aren't a Star Wars fan, you have seen the adorable Baby Yoda that has become a popular character from "The Mandalorian". It seems everyone wants to get their hands on a Baby Yoda. Well in the next few months, you can. According to BusinessInsider.com, Build-A-Bear has teamed up with Disney, and LucasFilms to bring the adorable Baby Yoda to you in stuffed animal form. There is no exact date when Baby Yoda will be available at Build-A-Bear but they are saying they should be available in the next few months.

The Baby Yoda Build-A-Bear has reportedly been in the works since the very first episode of "The Mandalorian". A spokesperson from Build-A-Bear says that their business has been geared towards children but sales now are aimed at tweens, teens, and adults. They know that Baby Yoda appeals to all ages.

If Baby Yoda as a Build-A-Bear is a tenth as cute as he is on the screen then I think we all will want one. We will just have to hold out for a few more months.

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