I wanted to know what you thought of this, because they are making such a big deal out of it.   A New Jersey Senator gives a concession speech. His wife massages his back to console him and watch what happens:

Candidate  Steve Lonegan loses a Senate race to Cory Booker.  He's trying to make a point on stage, and his wife is consoling him. I won't describe what happens next.  I'll have you watch first

Ok, so he's a mean, cold, unfeeling politician.  Case closed, right? Not so fast.  First off, he is visually impaired, so some are saying that he didn't know it WAS his wife doing that. According to The Today Show,

"He felt it could have been one of his campaign staffers telling him which way to move and he was already there at the podium so he brushed it away


What do YOU think?  Do you think he knew it was his wife? I wouldn't bring this up normally, but the video went totally viral and people are talking about it, so I wondered what you thought.  I will read some of your comments on the radio tomorrow.

(Now go,have a great Sunday, and please be nice to your spouse-or staffer).