We have had barely any snow this December. Maybe that's because we got enough to cover a few Decembers one year ago today.

I don't think I will ever forget that huge snowstorm we got on December 16-17, 2020. And the National Weather Service reminded me of that copious snowfall today while scrolling through my Facebook, which was the 8th biggest storm in Albany history at 22.9 inches. But that was nothing compared to other parts of Capital Region that got upwards of 3 feet!

The Legendary Winter Storm Gail of Dec. 2020

What do you remember about that storm? I will never forget the 4 am trek I made to the radio station that morning when 18 inches of snow had already fallen at our home in Clifton Park. At that point, the roads were full of snow but had been plowed and I was on my way. Everything seemed to be quieting down, or so I thought.

While I was at the station that morning another 15 inches of snow fell at our home that morning and the roads had not been plowed again. The snow was snow deep driving into our neighborhood my SUV was plowing it and blowing it over my windshield. I had to stick my head out the window like Ace Ventura so I could see where I was going! Then the best part is when I got to a block within my house, I got stuck. It was just insane how much snow fell in the few short hours I was away from home.

I think most of us got caught off guard that day by the sheer amount of snow that fell in such a short period of time, bringing some impressive, record snowfalls through the area. Let's revisit some of those amazing snowfall totals submitted by GNA listeners 1 year ago today:

Capital Region Record Snowfall Totals December 2020

December 16th and 17th, 2020 Winter Storm Gail dumped a record amount of snow across the Capital Region. Here are snowfall totals the GNA listeners reported from cities and towns throughout the area.

10 Largest Snowfalls On Record In Albany


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