She was hard to miss even though she can't be more than 4 feet tall. Every song, every artist she was on her feet dancing the entire Secret Star Acoustic Jam (Presented by Adirondack Tire and Service) last night at Proctors Theatre. Her name is Caeley and believe it or not, this was her first concert.

If I heard the story right, someone had to back out which left an extra ticket for Caeley to attend the sold out show. Her excitement was hard to ignore and it was flowing out of her into it the crowd surrounding her and even the performers.

As the show ended, I darted through the crowd (sorry to those toes that I may have stepped on in this process) to find Caeley and get her, along with a couple of family members backstage to meet the artists.

In that moment, I found out that this was her first concert and man, did she do it right! I apologize to her parents though because nothing will ever top this experience!


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