After announcing the Aviator Mall location was closing earlier this year, Sears has announced another local store will be shutting it's doors.

The retailer announced yesterday that their store at the Wilton Mall will be closing in February, according to a report from the Post Star. Sears and KMart are in the process of closing 188 stores nationwide in an effort to reduce costs after claiming bankruptcy. The Sears at Aviation Mall is expected close by the end of the year.

If you grew up going to Sears, it is kind of weird seeing these stores close. I remember being a kid when the department store was the go to for our family for everything from clothes to car batteries. It is sad for those who work there seeing these store close, and just a little bit odd that something we relied on for so much is going away. Maybe it's the memories of the family jumping in the car to spend some time together going to a place like Sears is what we will really miss.

But, this is more a sign of the time than anything in retail as Amazon and online outlets have become the go to for everything from clothes to car batteries. Progress is great for convenience, but not necessarily good for making memories.


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