Last night I enjoyed a night out at the Times Union Center for WWE Monday Night Raw. It was a great day to begin with getting to meet CM Punk and Paul Heyman here at the GNA studios and was capped off with a great 3 hour show. I ended up getting some great seats on the floor right near the entrance ramp where the wrestlers come out. It made for some great photos for my facebook page and got to really feel the heat from some of the pyro that went off! I had a blast.

I was also happy to know that I popped up on everybody's TV screen last night. No, I wasn't one of  the morons who jumped into the ring during the Ryback-Miz match. I make a short appearance right in front of the camera as Michael Cole is introducing Jerry "The King" Lawler for his first interview after his heart attack a few weeks ago. I didn't really realize that the camera was that close up on me, but my phone and facebook blew up from friends telling me they just saw me on TV! You'll see me starting at the :22 mark. It's short but sweet!

It was also cool to see a little more of the Albany area getting some love in a hilarious segment with Kane and Daniel Bryan that was recorded at the Colonie Diner.