This started out as a four-county anti-bullying song, where one school would write one verse, the next one in another county would contribute another etc.  Well, it looks like I just couldn't stop at four. Then again, why would you?

Let's spread the word to as many schools as possible, right? 

Of course Schoharie Elementary HAD to be included in this little endeavor.  I've done so many songs with Karen Yager's class.  She's one of my "go to" teachers, and Maryellen Gillis my "go to" principal. This is one amazing educational institution that has been through SO much over the years. (Check out the song they created about the horrible flooding there from hurricane Irene)

But now we fast forward to this week. The kids were ready, willing and able to add their voices to this project. It's short, but it actually took awhile to write and record this little section (in fact all the portions are short, but will be edited together into one big song to be played and posted by the end of the month for National Anti-Bully Awareness Month.

4 county bully schoharie class
photo by Richie phillips

Would you like to hear the other schools' parts?

I can't wait to put all of this together for you.  I will send an email to the teacher of each class to let you know when the grand finale will air.  Thanks again, Schoharie for doing your part!
This project is in association with the Academy for Character Education from the Sage Colleges



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