The decision to close schools has been left up to local districts to close amid Coronavirus concerns.

Both the Schenectady and Shenendehowa School districts have made the decision to close next week, March 16 - 20. Shen released a statement on their website today saying while there are no known cases of Coronavirus among staff and students, "... it is with an abundance of caution that we are exercising the authority granted to close school." The Shen statement also said they are working on " educational opportunities, support for students with special needs, and food provisions for those in need." According to the Times Union, Schenectady was the first to announce extended closures earlier today and is also working on remote learning options and a plan to provide meals.

More districts may follow with school closings, so keep checking back here at our website for updates.

As a parent with a kid in the Shen schools, I am happy they made this decision. Better safe than sorry, and the kids can always go to school over April spring break if needed. That said, I can also imagine with the feeling of relief, there is the looming challenge for parents to provide childcare while they were at work which can be expensive. Who would have thought a week ago Coronavirus would throw our lives so far out of whack?

Here's to hoping all these measures being taken allow us to get back to some normalcy soon.


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