Do you trust your kid to get on the bus by themselves? It's not usually your kid you have to worry about, it's the people interacting with them, right? That's the fear that a Schenectady woman had come true last week.

NewsChannel 13 is reporting a story about a Schenectady teen who was approached by a white SUV and a woman inside asking her to get in. The teen was waiting at her bus stop at the corner of Union Street and Maryland Avenue when the woman approached her.

Instead of listening to the woman, the young girl ignored the request and ran home to tell her mother and call 911. She also believes there was a second person in the vehicle concealing themselves.

The Schenectady Police is looking for any information people may have on this woman and the white SUV. No word on if this is a lone incident or if the woman is driving to various bus stops. As of yet, there haven't been any other allegations.

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