Wildlife in Upstate NY

I love to observe wildlife but I live in the City of Albany,  and there's not a whole lot to look at down where I live. Thankfully, I'm close enough to drive to the ADKs, Catskills, or even the Berkshires to get in touch w nature and try and take in some sights.

But there's a piece of me that wishes I could hang out in my backyard in an ADK chair and watch foxes forage, hear coyotes howl, and even spot the occasional lumbering bear.

Big bear spotted in Middleburgh

Brian Cody
The area in Schoharie County where a large bear has been spotted on multiple occasions. Photo: Google Maps

Facebook group that super-serves residents out in Middleburgh, allows people to share info, news, and tips with other local residents, and late last week, more than a few residents shared pics and videos of a big, black bear foraging through the neighborhood.


Brian Cody
Schoharie County bear spotted on trail cam April 24th. Photo: Facebook
Brian Cody
The big bear was caught on trail cam, on April 28th. Photo: Facebook

Man shares video of a big boy

Check out the following video - it was posted to the group page by a man named John Davi and it shows a large bear rummaging near his home on Ecko Hollow Road in Middleburgh back on April 28th.


Is it the same bear? Let's hope so!

Without a tracking device, there's really no way to tell if it's the same bear, but judging by the sheer size of the animal, the proximity to other sightings, and the fact that they all happened within a week of one another, it's a safe bet local residents are seeing the same one.

According to the NYS DEC, there are a series of do's and don't if you encounter a bear

Do: Use noise to scare bears away. The DEC suggested that you yell, clap, or bang pots immediately upon sighting a bear near your campsite.
They also urge you to stay calm and walk slowly. But speak in a loud and calm voice, cautiously back away from the bear, and leave the area.
Don't: Approach, surround, or corner a bear! The DEC notes that bears can be aggressive and will defend themselves when they feel threatened especially around cubs.
Also, DON'T run from a bear - they will chase you. And they're faster.

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