'Tis the season for heartless scammers, and Schenectady Police are warning consumers about a new credit card scam.

According to a CBS 6 report, Schenectady Police are investigating a scam where callers posing as Schenetcady Police officers are calling people info claiming to be "...collecting money for police equipment." They are then asking for credit card info to collect the money. Police tell CBS 6 they are on to the scam and trying to get to the bottom of it. In the meantime, police say if you get such a call you should hang up and report it here or call 518-630-0911.

Bottom line, if anyone ever calls you asking for credit card info do not give it out. I don't think there is any scenario where a legit organization would call asking for your info. And if there was, it's always better to play it safe and call back to an official customer service line if it involves any of your open accounts!

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