It's hard to trust anyone these days, and even though most of us are already on high alert when it comes to these things, sometimes bad things happen to good people.

And it's worse when these people prey on the elderly.

Police in Warren County Warn of Man Who 'Needs Help'


SCAM ALERT…We are receiving reports of a man who has been approaching patrons, primarily senior citizens, at gas stations and convenient stores claiming to be from out of state and in need of money. -Warren County Sheriff's Office


Sheriff's in Warren County set out a Scam Alert over the weekend, in hopes that more people don't fall prey to a man who appears to be taking advantage of people's kindness, luring them in with a believable, albeit fake sob story.

There's no photo of this man, but encounters with him have been pretty consistent according to the police.

Here's what we know about the ADK-Region Scammer:

  • According to a Facebook post by the Warren County Sheriff's Office, a man has been making his way around town.
  • He's been hitting up mostly gas stations and convenience stores saying he's from out of town.
  • It's not uncommon to see misplaced out-of-state travelers considering how many millions of people visit the Adirondacks each year.
  • But according to the police, this scammer approaches patrons - mainly the elderly - at these places and tells them he's from out of town and he's in need of money.
  • The man offers gold chains and jewelry in exchange for money to help him return home.
  • The jewelry is fake and this man is not in need of any help.  He's scamming you!
  • He has victimized many and police are asking the public to call law enforcement if approached by this scammer at (518) 743-2500

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