It was a long vacation, but Andrea was back on the show today with some great money saving tips!!

It’s the start of a new year, so I am sure may people out there are looking to start out 2017 by saving a little cash!  Well, here are few tips that can help pile those savings up all year long.

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Are you a name brand shopper?  I know I have name brand loyalty to some products, but you can save so much money when you buy a generic brand.  So, Andrea gave us her top five generic products that can save you some serious cash.  One of her top five I am pretty sure was mentioned just to keep me quiet.  As I mentioned, I do have some brand loyalty..especially with toilet paper!!  I never buy name brand when I buy it.  But, you will see, you don’t have to give up quality here to save money.

Check out Andrea's Top 5 generic money saving products including, medicine, baby formula, make – Up, milk and toilet paper at Andrea’s Coupon Club.  I can only assume there are more comparisons to come, so stay tuned.

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Do you have a generic product you swear by?

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