It may technically be a tiny house but it could make a big impact on someone's life, all thanks to students from Saratoga Springs.

If you've never heard of a tiny house, picture your house and everything in it and make it fit into a 220-square foot space. That's the size of the tiny house students from Saratoga BOCES built last week, according to WNYT.

The project began in January with students from BOCES' construction trade class. Ian Hamilton, the teacher of the class, thought this project was a perfect way to put the new tools they're learning to the test by saying "They're pretty excited. It's a great project for the students because of the scope. It's small enough that they can get exposure and experience with all aspects of the building process."

The students built all of it, from the trailer up. There's a sleeping loft that can fit a queen-sized bed, a kitchen, bathroom with shower, composting toilet, and a living room. The tiny house was part of the Saratoga Showcase of Homes last weekend and later this year, it will be auctioned off and proceeds will fund future student-built houses.

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