Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC) is one of the top concert venues in the area. We're lucky to have an outdoor arena where some really great people come to play but after this weekend, do we deserve it?

One of the big name acts that come to this area every year, Dave Matthews, left behind his band and teamed up with Tim Reynolds for two shows over the weekend. Nothing too extraordinary about that. The surprise was the next morning when many came to the park to celebrate the nice weather but instead were distracted by the mess left behind.

According to WTEN, the park was covered in garbage like beer cans, boxes and other assorted trash. Some residents are so enraged that they're looking to Dave Matthews to comment and deter people from doing this in the future. The New York State Police have yet to comment and what they plan to do but whatever they decide could affect future concerts.

There are a ton of amazing shows coming to SPAC this year like Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line, and Zac Brown Band. Just remember, while you're having a great time at these upcoming shows, you are out in a state park. This could change what we can do and what we can bring in the future. We're better than this, we can keep it clean.

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